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Chame heights

Located only 50 minutes from Panama City and 15 minutes from the Beaches of Coronado entering through the 721 (Entrance to the picturesque village of La Caleta). This property is located between the majestic hills of Chame, which boasts heights of over 100 meters and offers a  cooler micro climate as well as an unparalleled view of the Bay of Chame and Taboga. On clear days you can even see the city of Panama and its skyscrapers!

In addition to the breathtaking view of the beaches of the gold coast, and because of its geographical position, according to the GLOBAL WINDHOEK ATLAS, Cerro Chame has a potential of nine meters per second (9m/s) at a height of 100 meters which is ideal for an Eolic wind farm. The property size is of 78.2 hectares with a private road easements. According to studies you can fit at least Six (6) wind turbines of between 5MW and 5.7MW capacity and an estimated annual generation of 20.6GW per wind turbine are planned.

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