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Altos de Chame

Located only 50 minutes from Panama City and 15 minutes from Coronado, entering through the 722 (entrance towards Punta Chame), you will find among the beautiful hills of Chame these magnificent properties. You can enjoy their wonderful micro climate due to their privileged altitude of more than 100 meters, as well as majestic and unparalleled views of Gorgona Beach, Coronado and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. These beautiful hills have pristine sourced spring waters from the most natural sources that overflow and are filtered through glacial caverns deep into the hill where it becomes filtered with electrolytes and minerals. "American Lab", bacteriological and physical-chemical tests were carried out with highly favorable results since they have a natural purity not found in the vicinity of the capital city. A feasibility study is currently underway to be able to bottle this precious natural liquid resource.


Punta Chame is a popular tourist destination of surfing, kitesurfing, fishing tours, and many other water sports activities! Altos de Chame and Altos de Chame are close to Altos de Campana National Park with beautiful trails, unique species, and breathtaking views of the bay. Coronado is a favorite tourist and residential destination for US and Canadian expats, because of long beautiful tropical beaches with clear waters.

Complete property has 158 hectares.

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